Sponsored post #2: Dresses to the rescue!


It’s approaching the end of my fourth week in my first new job in an all new environment. It’s crazy how time speeds past without any mercy and to be honest, the transition from a student to a working adult is not all fun and joy. It is also when I finally realize how rude it is to ask someone fresh out of university what plans they have or what are they planning to do next. Honestly, having been through (and still sort of going through) that phase, it is the most abominated question to be asked alive.

Whether or not I have a plan, it really doesn’t concern you. If I do, you will know, eventually. But if I don’t, it really is none of your business.

Anyway, one thing I love and hate at the same time about my new job is the fact that we don’t have a dress code. It’s borderline liberating not having to dress up formally and go to work every day. You get to choose what to wear, but of course, nothing too over!

I actually do enjoy coordinating my daily outfit (I’m working on it, okay!) because it could be so much fun!

Then again, it sort of sucks when you’re running out of time! Which is why I think basic dresses are a must in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s what I do whenever I’m running late or feeling lazy.

It’s not just for work, dresses do come into rescue in a lot of different occasions! Heh.

I like this printed floral dress because its cute enough on its own and I don’t have to worry about extra accessories! I’ve never worn this to work before yet. But this is great for a day out. Nothing too fancy.


I was actually very skeptical with  striped outfits. I have a feeling it makes one look fat. But voila! When I tried it on in the fitting room, I knew I had to get it! It’s a piece that I could just pull it over my head and head straight to work, even for meetings! I realize most of my dresses are sleeveless dress, but this one is half sleeve? Lol, sorry. Bad fashion vocabulary, but you know what I’m trying to say. Anyhow, this is my best friend when.. you know? Not the best day for sleeveless? HAHA! Opps.


Yes. I love body con dresses.  It’s something about the way the dress wraps around your body perfectly that give you the instant boost of confidence! Lol. This is actually my favorite dress among all my dresses because red is my favorite color and it makes me feel sexy. Heh. It’s good enough on it’s own at the same time allows plenty of creativity space for me to mix and match!

My wardrobe is full of dresses. Basic dresses goes a long way because you can either just put it on and head out of you could mix and match with accessories and get creative!

Me being me, I usually take a very long time to get out of bed and get ready. So if I’m really running late, basic dresses are my saviour.

Whenever I go shopping for new clothes, I have super high tendency to shop for dresses. Especially when I’m lurking around in Zalora, I end up spending hours and hours scrolling through their huge collection of basic dresses. And it usually means I need to exert self control. *sulks*


Tomorrow is Friday, as a working YOUNG adult, TGIF!

Well, have a good weekend you people! (While I stay home, away from the crowd. *anti-social*)




Saturday: Six people, six rivers, one hour

just so it sounds more dramatic.

So yea, I ended my internship yesterday (finally! *pops confetti*) and my way of celebrating it was a day out with a bunch of adventurous people. Lol. Anyway, the idea budded a couple of weeks ago when my friend asked if I wanted to go waterfall. I think she actually called me..

At that point of time, I simply said yes but wasn’t thinking much about it because my family don’t really like the idea of being around waterfalls. They think waterfalls are haunted, I do too. When I said yes to waterfall, time and place wasn’t decided yet. Then a couple of days following the call, a whatsapp group was created for this waterfall outing. But even until yesterday, I had no idea where we were going, I just knew we were going to waterfall. Shows how much I don’t give AF where we are heading as long as we are heading there together. Awwww.

Anyway, when I got home after my last day of internship, I felt very tired and wanted to ffk because I have a handful of interviews lined up the following week and I just wanted to rest.

And if I did, I would have missed a day of awesomeness.

I don’t know exactly where the waterfall is located, I think it’s Kubu Baru. But the waterfall is called Chiling Waterfall, around 1.5 hours from Kepong.

It was only this morning that I found out we would have to hike for an hour before reaching the waterfall. Wtf. I don’t like the idea because my first thought was that I would slow down everyone’s progress, given my useless stamina, wtf.

We were supposed to gather at Wen Jun’s (I’m just going to assume that you will know who is who because not many people are going to read this anyway, and it’s for my future self to read back also, so yea.) at 9:30am. So I left my house at 7:30am, reach Chin Lin’s house in Serdang at 8:00am. Iylia picked us up at 8:30am and we headed straight to Kepong to pick Alyssa up which was around 9:30am.

The night before, Iylia already told Wen Jun in our whatsapp group that it’s not very possible to reach his house at 9:30am, but he will try anyway. Wen Jun then said there is no try and we should be at his house at 9:30am no matter what. OK.

By the time we picked Alyssa up and head to Wen Jun’s house, it was 9:45am. First thing I did was call Wen Jun, twice and he did not pick up. Already guessing what is happening. We spent around 10 minutes at the car park calling him and then we decided that we should just feed our hunger at a nearby mamak while we wait for him to come around and answer his call.

I suggested that we head straight to his house but I could not remember which floor it is. So we sat down at the mamak and by then, Chi Yao was already in touch with Wen Jun’s mom. However, his mom was outside and despite giving us his house phone number we still could not get to the 9:30am-no-try-guy.

By then we were already discussing our plan B and Iylia started worrying if anything happened to Wen Jun. Then his mom told us their house address, so after eating, we went to the guard house and talked to the security guard. It was very nice of their security guard, responsible even, as he took us to his unit and waited until he was sure that we are his friends before going back to the guard house.

What happened?

He overslept and couldn’t hear his phone ringing. Lol, but anyway we still sticked to our Chiling waterfall plan and turns out the timing was just nice.

As my title suggested, it was an one hour journey (should be less than that if you walk faster and don’t take a lot of photos at nice spots) where you have to cross six rivers.

I’m not a hiker, nor am I a person who exercises regularly. Well if you count walking in KTM stations and standing in KTM, then yes, I exercise on a regular basis, wtf. But the trail was a pretty simple one, no major obstacles. A bit muddy at the beginning of the trail and you’d be just fine if you have long legs. But overall, I’m glad I didn’t slow my friends down all too much.

Today’s weather was pretty good too and water level was not high. Wen Jun went a couple of times and the last time he went, water level was really high and it was raining.

Let me blast you guys with photos.

Note: photos are taken by Chi Yao with his Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


It’s the base of the waterfall.


Beginning of the trail, six rivers!

As I said, the weather was pretty good and the water level was friendly too, something Wen Jun kept repeating.


A spot where we stopped by for a while and took some photos. Vain people.

It was also where I slipped and sat on a rock.


Take one


Take two








Wen Jun photobomb! *notice the head*

So yea, we stopped for like, 10 minutes to take photos? Then we continued trekking the trail.

And we are there! 😀 It reminds me of the place I went when I was still in the tribe at Taiwan.


Chi Yao’s candid test.


We are at the top!


Chin Lin and I


A little nearer


And it’s me and my pose


And we exchange! Lol.


Notice the subtle flare that makes it looks like there’s a rainbow?

So on the way up, I was telling Chin Lin how amazing it was when I trekked in the tribe to their waterfall because the butterflies there were fearless. They danced around us and land on our colourful towels.

But Chiling waterfall has very beautiful butterflies too. And for some reason, they took a liking of my butt. Aren’t my butt-erfly pretty? 😛


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is simply amazing or what?! It’s even better than the Huawei Nexus 6P.

Wen Jun alleged that the butterfly was mating with his leg. Wtf.

We stayed at the top for like, I don’t know, 20 minutes? There were people doing cliff diving and just enjoying the cool water. It was pretty and really chilling there. You can even swim around. But it started raining and we thought it’s wise if we start heading back down.

And on the way down, instead of crossing the river, we crossed this trunk. I was scared and grabbed Chin Lin and Chi Yao’s hands like it’s my lifeline. No joke. Should have just sat down and did what Iylia and Alyssa did.




We made Chi Yao take a photo for us.

When we reached the second river, the rain stopped and it was a quiet spot. So we decided to just chill around..


Which means..


.. more photos


And just, float around.

Wen Jun even tried catching the fishes because there was a guy who threw fish food around. Apparently, the fishes there were smarter than us. They decided that they are not that hungry after all when we placed the fish food inside a plastic bag, trying to trap them.

Smart fishes.

We continued heading out at 4:00pm as the sky darken a little. By the time we got back to the base, I think it was 4:30pm. Or even a bit earlier.

Oh, we started at 1:00pm and reached the top at 2:10pm.

By the time we were done cleaning up and changed, it was around 5:30pm or 5:45pm. We were all famished by the time we got back to the car.

Something to note about the waterfall was that, crocs are highly recommended as you’d get soaked. Wet is an understatement. Flippers or slippers are not recommended, I think it’s quite dangerous as some places are quite slippery. Also, treading the rivers, you’d often have to dig your foot between rocks so you don’t get carried away by the current.

And put all your belongings including your clothes and cellphones in a plastic bag before putting it in your backpack or it’d get all wet. My backpack is still wet right now. Wen Jun asked us to do just that the night before.

Also don’t bother bringing shampoos or whatnots, there’s no water in the toilet for you to bathe or even take a quick shower. What we did was to fill out water bottles with water at the tap outside and just wash off sands. Don’t drink those water, though. Lol.

I still do think that waterfalls are dangerous. My parents always told me that “戲山莫戲水”. Mess with the forest, don’t mess with waters. My father grew up around waterfalls and he knew how sudden the current could change and there are always hidden currents that could trap you.

My parents always warn me to stay away from waterfalls because we do not know how to observe the signs where the current is about to change. But getting back to nature simply isn’t something you could resist. We’d always have to be alert with the weather and water level. I didn’t tell my mom I was going to waterfall because I know she don’t like it and would worry. Opps.

So, as we were famished, we went to a restaurant where Wen Jun promised it’d be great Tom Yam. I’m not a Tom Yam fan since I don’t take spicy, but then I was sold to the sotong petai and fried chicken. We ordered 5 dishes including the Tom Yam and a big portion of fried rice. Not big, humongous. We thought we would not be able to finish it but we did in the end. So proud of us.

No photos on the food because we don’t have such religious people among us but it was really, really good.

Headed back to Kepong and it was around 8:30pm when we reached.

It was a tiring day, but I felt recharged spending time with these people. At least I could have quality conversation with them.

This is what I call quality outing.


And these are the people when you don’t scroll phones while with them. How do you do that anyway when you have to focus on not tripping over? 😛

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. But I just had to have this documented.

Till the next entry 🙂

Oh, happy new year by the way.

The mirror to our reality

I had a dream last night. It’s been a while since I had any dream about you. That being said, I do have frequent visits from you in my dreams ever since ties were cut between us. They said that if you dreamt of someone, it means that person misses you.

How untrue. I, on the other hand, think that our dreams are based on our strongest underlying desires that lay resilient in our subconsciousness. The ones we spend a conscious amount of effort to deny, to silent. Dreams, as much as our little minds try to decipher it, are probably mirror to the reality in our waking.

Like any other dream, the dream I had, had neither beginning nor an end. And like any other dream, it did not linger long, thus, I could only make out bits and pieces of it.

In that dream, you were waiting, hovering even, for an answer from me. An answer to a question that only I have in my very possession. You wanted something from me. How ironic. You never wanted anything from me. But it was my dream. The idea that you were conform to my subconscious wants is amusing.

And unlike how I used to be around you, eager and willing, I wasn’t about to give you your answer in my dream. In fact, I was trying to put a hold to giving you an answer, to pursue what I wanted. Something that didn’t have anything to do with you. You can wait, in my dreams. You have had to wait.

Somewhere in my dreams, I might have failed in my pursue. Yet, still reluctant to give you the answer you were anticipating.

I thought it would take a longer time for it to pass. Although every time your name pops up in social media, I’d still cringe. Although every time when your name is brought up, my stomach gives a reluctant twist. Although I still wonder, at times – way more than necessary, if you are faring well in life. I am finally able to find peace with myself.

Because reality finally stops hurting.


Stumbled upon

I vaguely remember there used to be a social site called stumbled upon, yes? It was a long time ago. Back when MSN messenger was still a thing. But that is not the point. It’s not the site that I stumbled upon. It was my old Tumblr account that I stumbled upon.

An email from Tumblr came through just when I was studying for my last finals; 4 years anniversary of Tracing Memories. It was four years ago that I set up a Tumblr account. I don’t exactly remember why I stopped going on Tumblr, like so many other things that went away in my life, it just happened. Well, life happened. Frankly, I was shocked to find XiaXue’s (A famous Singaporean blogger, apparently) post flooded my feed when I finally managed to recall my Tumblr password.

I spent another 20 minutes navigating around trying to view my own blog page. The next 15 minutes or so scrolling through histories. It just so happened that I once linked my Instagram to Tumblr, so there were some earlier Instagram photos on my Tumblr. Then again, it is not the point because when I scrolled pass the Instagram era, I stumbled into my past. A small, forgotten piece. There was a split second when I stopped scrolling, I didn’t dare to continue scrolling. It wasn’t about how stupid I used to be, nor how naive. It was some reblogged posts that reminded me of what I once felt.

An answer to a question that has been haunting me.

I guess my friend was right. It doesn’t matter anymore. What matter was that at the point of decision making, I chose myself. This, by default, rendered what had been and what could have been meaningless.

Nevertheless, I thank Tumblr for that email that had transported me back to my past.

I have loved you, once upon a time.

We are two lines forming a sphere. Although we don’t meet often, but we will always get back to each other. And you are all that I have and I’m all that you’ve got.



Gender equality: A stalled revolution.


Out of 195 countries in this entire world, women only led 19 of them. In parliaments globally, women hold just 21 percent seats. Only a mere twenty-three of all Fortune 500 CEOs are women. In the United States where they pride themselves on liberty and justice for all, the gender division of leadership roles is not any better. Since the suffragettes first marched in the street of Washington, D.C. back in 1913, revolution of gender equality started till this day where both men and women are given the same opportunity to pursue our education and career. This phenomenon had us believe that the revolution of gender equality has succeeded and the fight is over. However, the happy ending has not arrived just yet. The revolution of gender equality has stalled and the fight is far from over due to a few reasons.

It is true that women in many countries have been granted the rights to vote, for instance, Malaysia. And the accesses to health care facilities in many countries are readily available to women. However, the revolution of gender equality has yet to succeed because there are still places in this world where women are being denied their basic civil rights. This is unarguably true when about 4.4 million women and girls are still caught up and stuck in the sex trade. Countries such as Afghanistan, fifty percent of the women still suffer from all types of rights violations such as forced marriages, rape and sexual harassments. To make matters worse, teachers are threatened not to teach young girls and girls are constantly being abused. If the fight for gender equality were over, such disparity would not still exist.

According to an article published by Time.com, women are still earning significantly less money than men. The sweeping changes in the 1960s was indeed huge and revolutionary; women’s employment increased significantly; women caught up with and surpassed a lot of men in terms of college graduation rates and more women got doctorates as well as professional degrees. However, the existing wage gap between men and women tells us that the legendary revolution has in fact stalled. The U.N. Women report revealed that although there are more women in the workplace taking up leadership positions, the pay levels are anywhere but near the reaching of equality worldwide. This is particularly obvious in the South Asia where women are earning thirty three percent less than men. Thirty three percent is a significant gap in the generation that brags about gender equality. If gender revolution is still in rapid progress, such wage gap between male and female shall not exist in such significant statistics.

Far from being a victorious revolution, the fight for gender equality has stalled, as discrimination against women is still prominent. There may be laws made to protect women’s rights and to ensure that both gender receives equal respects in today’s society. However, the stereotypes and discrimination held against women are still strong. Just as the most current controversial reports of the Indonesia military that imposed “virginity tests” upon female recruits and even the fiancées of military officers. Not only is such test harmful and humiliating to women, it also sets back the civilization of mankind to the medieval age. Virginity testing is being recognized as a form of gender-based violence, which according to the guidelines issued by World Health Organization, has no scientific validity at all. In the globalization era that we live in, if it is true that gender revolution had succeeded, then why are the capabilities and the intention of a woman who wants to serve her own country be defined by the status of her virginity?

Reaping the fruits of what women so many generations before us had sowed with sweat and blood should have us feeling grateful. Not a single soul would stand out and disagree with the fact that in the current era that we are living in, the female gender is lucky to have equal, or almost equal, opportunities as our male counterpart when it comes to pursuing an education or applying for the highest of positions. However, this does not mean that the revolution has come to a victorious end. In this part of the world where women are being respected, on the other end of the exact same world, women are still being oppressed. Women might have been given a fair share of opportunity but a significant wage gap still exists and to top that off, discriminations and stereotypes against women are still a problem that needs to be solved. With all these being said, it is sufficient to win the argument that the revolution for gender equality has been stalled and the fight has yet to be over.


I know  I stopped updating my blog. I tend to just let thoughts dissipate into air. It’s either I feel too lazy or as I grow older, I became less expressive. Well, I do express a lot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Microblogging, if that counts. I will be off to my exchange in a few weeks and we shall see if there is any improvement.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this piece I did for my Expository Writing class.

FYP submitted, like finally. It came to a point where I don’t care how he grades me anymore, as long as I have submitted it! 🙂

One leg out of university. Ops, there is still finals of course! Study mood, come on, work your magic!

Till then!



21 Perceptions: #9 – Irresponsible

Day 8271.

A long hiatus taken by yours truly.

But I didn’t expect the first post of my blog in the year 2015 would be so, well, not positive.

There was several occasion where I wanted to blog about, to remember and to document it. Laziness got the best of me. Especially if I’ve written it in my journal; pen against paper.  Guess, I need to work harder on getting a lot more of myself back.

Back to the reason why yours truly finally pick my fingers up again for this post..

April is around the corner. Which means my should-be annual pacemaker follow up, too, is around the corner(or rather, should be around). Since I usually do not get my next appointment on the spot, IJN would usually send a letter to my house or text my phone or even my mom’s phone to remind us of the upcoming appointment.

Wanting to plan ahead for the first week of April, I called up IJN this morning to confirm the date and time of my upcoming appointment, or so I thought.

“Oh miss, your appointment was in October and you didn’t show up,” replied the disembodied voice of faithful the customer service executive.

I felt like I was hit by lightning. Thunderstruck, whatever you call it. And goosebumps crawling up my skin.

My thoughts ran wild.

I’ve missed my pacemaker check up and I didn’t even know it. Honestly, it wouldn’t have been so much of a big deal if I was in the fresh years of the new implant. Approaching the seventh year, appointment being from annually to twice a year. And I missed it, unaware.

Who else to fault, but myself? Yes, there were supposed to be appointment letter arriving at my doorstep to remind me of my check up. Yes, there were supposed to be reminding texts sent to either my or my mom’s phone. But it’s me. It’s my check up. It’s my heart. And now, be it memory created by my subconsciousness or a memory my brain vaguely recalled, I think they did stamp my appointment card with dates dating back in October.

Best part?

I don’t have my appointment card with me. I couldn’t even precisely recall where I’ve kept it.

I’ve always thought of myself as capable of taking care of myself. That at some level I am capable of high independence. Lack of sense of responsibility, sometimes, but still highly capable of it.

Now I know, I’m downright irresponsible to even my very own life. Despite the appointment has been rescheduled, I feel screwed.

And then, voila, Mich! There’s so much more you have got to work on yourself. As small as it might appear to you, but it’s an unforgivable mistake I did to myself. Though for a split second, I could pretend I don’t need these annual appointments, that I have a normal, healthy heart.

A lesson to be remembered for the rest of my life.

No one is responsible of yourself, but yourself.

You have CHD. Don’t you ever, ever forget that.



P/S: I’m sorry pacie. I’m really sorry. I promise this would never ever happen again. Please be good until we get you checked alright? Be good.