How I got my heart broken.

How I got my heart broken.

Yes, it’s click bait, you can leave now. Thank you very much.

I don’t remember who was the first person who shared me the trailer, but the first time I saw the trailer, I knew I have to watch this movie.


Perhaps it was the song in the trailer? Perhaps it was the good looks of both actor and actress? Or perhaps it was the cheesy factor of the typical pairing of innocent-blunder around heroin and hot-rich hero? It doesn’t matter, because I got the chance to watch the premier! Thanks to my talent who ran a giveaway for the premier tickets for this movie. 🙂

With that being said, I had very high expectations for this movie, preparing a pack of Kleenex! (I’ve never read the book.) I was all ready to cry my eyes out.

And the movie was..

Good. It was good, but I wish it could have been better.

Here’s why it was good. I generally love the story line although it is obviously the standard cheesy love story, but it has a unique twist to it where instead of the usual average, innocent heroin come crashing into a life of a hot, rich man who is obviously out of her league and they fell in love anyways, it was a story of a complacent countryside girl who found the meaning of life through a man who was once at the top of his own world but now rendered useless after an accident. (That’s a long ass sentence, I know.) It was probably this paradoxical irony that had me pulled towards this movie.

The movie was also good in a sense that it was not dull or draggy, in fact, it was filled with laughter. Emilia Clarke’s acting was entertaining (not to forget her sexy accent!) and the character itself was comedic.

So, did my pack of Kleenex come into handy?

Sadly, no. Which is why I wish it could have been better because, personally, I think the emotional build up leading to the climax was not strong enough. I had tears rolling in my eyes, yes, but the buildup was not strong enough to have me bawling my eyes out.

It was also a thorough shame that there were a couple of scenes that got cut off.

Nevertheless, I got my heart broken watching this movie.

It’s not the fact that he died (I don’t see this as a spoiler, cause it’s an obvious fact.) but the way he died.

In conclusion, not a bad one! Something light for a date night out, I would say. But definitely not my type of date night out, because it’s not exactly a thought provoking kind of movie, if you know what I mean.

A 4.5/6.0 I would say.


How I got harassed by e-hailing service driver.

Earlier this week, I had some issue again with my debit card and ATM machine, so I had to make a trip to the bank’s nearest branch. Since our lunch time is long, I decided to take that trip, accompanied by my colleague.
My UBER had some problem deducting from my debit card which I initially thought was due to lack of money, but turns out, my bank has terminated all online transactions via debit card and we have to activate it manually! 🙄

Anyways, instead of using UBER (also because lunch hour, UBER fare hikes!) we used GrabCar. So as usual, I made my booking via the app and waited for the driver to come. 

Everything was fine when we got into the car. 

Until he started driving. 

Let me make this clear: He did not use any maps and took alternate routes, which to be really fair, I was completely fine by it because I understand that it’s peak time and using different routes helped to avoid the jam.

It was his driving skills that bothered both my colleague and me. He made illegal turnings, sped on small roads and took corners with minimal slow downs. 

One funny thing was, throughout the entire journey, I was scared shitless but made an effort to keep the conversation going between my colleague and me. (I was in the front seat while my colleague was in the back seat. There was zero interaction between the driver and us.) 

So when we reached our destination, we were beyond glad that the journey was over. But God forbids, my nightmare was about to begin.

Once we got out of the car, I pointed out that the driver was scary. It took my colleague less that half a second to agree and she said she even wondered why was I so calm. No I wasn’t. 寶寶害怕但寶寶不說! Wtf.

Since we both agreed that the driver was indeed driving very dangerously, I rated him with one star and left a feedback. 

My colleague actually asked if I am not worried that rating him immediately will get myself into trouble? But I told her that it’s in e-hailing services’ policies to keep feedback and ratings anonymous, so he would not know where the feedback came from.

How wrong I was. 

After we settled my banking issues and had our lunch, it was about one and a half hour later that I got an anonymous phone call. The call happened when I was walking into the lift, I picked it up anyways.

As I picked up the call, the lift made its way up and I could only vaguely hear from the caller’s end asking about my name and mentioned GrabCar. But without any second guessing, I knew it was the driver. (He spoke in Chinese.)

After I got out of the lift, he called again. I told my colleague that I think it’s the driver. My colleague told me to answer it and pretend I did not give any feedback since its anonymous. 

I did as she suggested but turns out it’s pointless because I must have been the only passenger he had, either that or I rated him too soon. He was not being friendly at all and started throwing Chinese swear words at me. 

Being the non-confrontational human being that I am.. I hung up on him. But he still called relentlessly. 

And sent me a text..

I immediately reported this to GrabCar and this time, they reacted to my feedback pretty fast because I received another anonymous call (by now I’m already paranoid of any unknown incoming calls!). 

So, according to GrabCar, this driver has received several similar complaints from other customers and told me they are banning him. 

But it doesn’t end here. My colleagues advised me to just ignore his calls and one of them helped me blocked his number. He then used another number to call me which I picked up. But once I picked up, I heard nothing but swear words. 

I continued to ignore and the calls eventually came to a halt.

However, it was as if he finally figured there’s WhatsApp because he texted me onWhatsApp. He continuously texted me for about a little over an hour. 

It was when I started to feel really bad. He seems under the impression that my complain aganinst his dangerous driving was about him using alternative routes. It was a struggle between my own principles and empathy. I did cause him to lost his job. But at the same time, I was doing my part for the sake of other users.

I felt sorry that he got banned from GrabCar because it could really have been his only source of income. But I’m not sorry for lodging a report against him for unethical and irresponsible driving. 

I wanted to reply and explain to him. But my friends said since he’s no longer disturbing me, just let it lapse. And I didn’t want to piss him off further. 

Do you have any bad experience with e-hailing services?



21 Perceptions: #9 – Irresponsible

Day 8271.

A long hiatus taken by yours truly.

But I didn’t expect the first post of my blog in the year 2015 would be so, well, not positive.

There was several occasion where I wanted to blog about, to remember and to document it. Laziness got the best of me. Especially if I’ve written it in my journal; pen against paper.  Guess, I need to work harder on getting a lot more of myself back.

Back to the reason why yours truly finally pick my fingers up again for this post..

April is around the corner. Which means my should-be annual pacemaker follow up, too, is around the corner(or rather, should be around). Since I usually do not get my next appointment on the spot, IJN would usually send a letter to my house or text my phone or even my mom’s phone to remind us of the upcoming appointment.

Wanting to plan ahead for the first week of April, I called up IJN this morning to confirm the date and time of my upcoming appointment, or so I thought.

“Oh miss, your appointment was in October and you didn’t show up,” replied the disembodied voice of faithful the customer service executive.

I felt like I was hit by lightning. Thunderstruck, whatever you call it. And goosebumps crawling up my skin.

My thoughts ran wild.

I’ve missed my pacemaker check up and I didn’t even know it. Honestly, it wouldn’t have been so much of a big deal if I was in the fresh years of the new implant. Approaching the seventh year, appointment being from annually to twice a year. And I missed it, unaware.

Who else to fault, but myself? Yes, there were supposed to be appointment letter arriving at my doorstep to remind me of my check up. Yes, there were supposed to be reminding texts sent to either my or my mom’s phone. But it’s me. It’s my check up. It’s my heart. And now, be it memory created by my subconsciousness or a memory my brain vaguely recalled, I think they did stamp my appointment card with dates dating back in October.

Best part?

I don’t have my appointment card with me. I couldn’t even precisely recall where I’ve kept it.

I’ve always thought of myself as capable of taking care of myself. That at some level I am capable of high independence. Lack of sense of responsibility, sometimes, but still highly capable of it.

Now I know, I’m downright irresponsible to even my very own life. Despite the appointment has been rescheduled, I feel screwed.

And then, voila, Mich! There’s so much more you have got to work on yourself. As small as it might appear to you, but it’s an unforgivable mistake I did to myself. Though for a split second, I could pretend I don’t need these annual appointments, that I have a normal, healthy heart.

A lesson to be remembered for the rest of my life.

No one is responsible of yourself, but yourself.

You have CHD. Don’t you ever, ever forget that.



P/S: I’m sorry pacie. I’m really sorry. I promise this would never ever happen again. Please be good until we get you checked alright? Be good.


Move on.

Someone asked: How do you know if you have moved on?

I thought for awhile and settled with a satisfying answer: When not thinking about it requires no effort.

Yes. That must be it.

When not thinking about it becomes something that requires no conscious effort, that’s when you’ve moved on.

Frozen pane



I just want to…

Photo credit: The Tutu Project

Photo credit: The Tutu Project

put my arms around you and hug you tight.

As tight as I could, with all the energies that flow through my tiny self.

wrap both of my hands around yours and squeeze it tight.

As tight as both my hands could that it actually hurts your hand.

to simply just be there for you.

Words, which have always been my favourite way of expressing my thoughts and my feelings, they became so weak when it comes to you.

Meaningless, even.

And I, helplessly bugging without helping.

Those times when there’s always a voice there to refrain these thoughts. Thoughts that were overruled by worries.

If I overruled those, it wouldn’t be things that I just want to.

It was never a matter of who deserves what. It has always been what matters and what doesn’t.

And it just so happens that you do matter, in this puny universe that we live in.

No matter how insignificant our lives are, but you still do matter.

And I don’t want anything to happen to you. Simple as that.