Only me.

it’s raining outside
slow, rhythmic drops on the roof
unceremoniously blending in
along with the whispers of pen against paper
as thoughts swirl and twirl, weaving words
time slows down, creeping pass quietly
i put my pen away
keeping the little book away
curl up into a small being
listening as the rain pours
time slows down, creeping pass quietly
i stood up and walk to the window
stars lit up the dark sky
and the earth smell of fresh dry leaves
it’s only me.

I just want to…

Photo credit: The Tutu Project

Photo credit: The Tutu Project

put my arms around you and hug you tight.

As tight as I could, with all the energies that flow through my tiny self.

wrap both of my hands around yours and squeeze it tight.

As tight as both my hands could that it actually hurts your hand.

to simply just be there for you.

Words, which have always been my favourite way of expressing my thoughts and my feelings, they became so weak when it comes to you.

Meaningless, even.

And I, helplessly bugging without helping.

Those times when there’s always a voice there to refrain these thoughts. Thoughts that were overruled by worries.

If I overruled those, it wouldn’t be things that I just want to.

It was never a matter of who deserves what. It has always been what matters and what doesn’t.

And it just so happens that you do matter, in this puny universe that we live in.

No matter how insignificant our lives are, but you still do matter.

And I don’t want anything to happen to you. Simple as that.