Car polish worth of life lesson

Okay. So I guess I’m on a streak of life lessons. Either that or I’m just suay. Okay la. This time, I admit it’s really my fault.

So here goes my something, something worth of life lesson part two. This time, it’s about Duckie. (Oh right! I haven’t officially introduce Duckie yet. Well, will work on it soon, I guess.)

The story started this morning when I woke up as usual at 6. I thought to myself: Well, not wearing lens, I should be able to leave the house early, woohoo! Then who knows, I was so absorbed by the person in the mirror, time flew by. By the time I was done brushing my teeth and put on my clothes, it was 6:20am. 

I thought to myself again, well okay, a bit of time left. Then I realise I wasn’t wearing the right bra, wtf?! FML. So I changed. Imagine peeling off your clothes and change your bra and put on your clothes again! (Imagine yourself la, not me okay? Wtf.)

Long story short, by the time I drew my brows and was ready to leave, it was 6:34am already! Time flies when you’re spending time with yourself, can?

So the point is, when I reached the KTM parking, there were not parking left! The thing is, they have a lot of levels in the parking building at the KTM because of MRT. But they are waiting for some approval and so only the first floor is open for use. 🙄

I was only left with two options; 1) Park beside the road and risk having my car scratched. 2) Park at the taxi slots and risk the uncertainty.

I went with option two. 

Then.. I came back to find this. 

Apparently the taxi uncle who did this worried that I couldn’t see properly. 



They scribbled on my windscreen too, but that was really hard to see so I couldn’t be bothered with taking a photo.

When I went got to my car I was like 😱. Then a taxi uncle came and ask me:

Ah moi! Ini kereta parkir sini lu punya ka? Lain kali jangan park sini oh! Nasib baik dia orang tau you perempuan (exactly how they know the car owner is a girl, I’ve got no idea!) takde kasi tayar bocor! 

Then the uncle proceeded to run a check for me to see if there is any punctured tyre. By that I mean he went around my car. I thanked him and hastily got into my car and drove away. (I forgot to off my rear mirror light again, FML.)

Anyway, yea the moral of the story is: Don’t spend too much time admiring the person in your mirror. 紅顏禍水. LOL.

Okay la. I apologise for parking at the taxi space that I pissed them off. But I’m at the same time thankful that they were kind enough and did not proceed to do anything worse like some permanent damage to Duckie.

So.. Yea! 

Great Monday!




2 thoughts on “Car polish worth of life lesson

  1. alleb says:

    They use permanent marker? Can clean or not? You should straight drive to your office for a day.. rather late than having safety risk :3

    • Yea they use permanent marker! Can la can wipe off, I use polish to wiped it off liao. Walao drive to my office sibeh jam and I really don’t like KL roads.

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