200 bucks worth of life lesson

I know it’s 12:00 a.m. and I’m supposed to go sleep since I have a meeting exactly 12 hours later (heck, who sleeps so early anyway). But I’ve done something freaking stupid again that I feel terrible about. Remember when I idiotically forgot about my annual pacemaker follow up? (You can read about it here.)

Yea. Just worse.

So the story begins when I had to go to KLCC to meet up with my talent together with my senior yesterday afternoon. I told my senior to remind me to withdraw from the ATM since we are having a team dinner on the same night and my cash are running low anyways.

Scheduled meeting was at 2:30 p.m. and we arrived at KLCC at say, 2:15 p.m.? But my talent was running a bit late because her driver just got back from Friday prayers. So my senior and me decided to just walk around to kill off time.

Okay, long story short, I went to the HSBC ATM machine to withdraw money. I wanted to withdraw two hundred bucks and I asked for a receipt. So when the ATM machine dispensed the receipt and my card, I took both.

I took both, turned around and left.

Yes. I left without my money that I JUST withdrew.

My talent texted me right after and we went to meet her. I went about my day as usual and until I had to take the bigger notes from my wallet for the team dinner we had, only did I realised that I was two hundred bucks short. Only did it dawned upon me that I bloody forgot to take my money from the ATM machine.

Admittedly, I was mindlessly lulling about replying emails and whatnot throughout the whole process of withdrawing. I was distracted. But what an expensive distraction.

That precise moment when I realised what had happened, I was like; Oh. Okay. Oh no. Oh shit. Fuck my life.

And then; Mich, you can go kill yourself. (Okay, maybe not so extreme.)

Exactly who would have done what I just did?! (Okay, apparently it is pretty common, cause I googled it, wtf.)

At first I thought there isn’t anything I could do. I mean, the next person could have easily took the money, my money. But I really googled “What happens when you withdraw from ATM and forgot to take the cash.” (Typical first world problem.) Apparently there is a possibility that the ATM machine sucks in your cash if you don’t take it.

So on my way home, I decided to call HSBC customer service. It was already 11:00 p.m. but their customer careline was still operating.

I lodged a report on my case and the customer service officer ran some checks, confirmed two hundred bucks was deducted and not refunded to my account. So she told me she would raise this issue for me so that HSBC would investigate it. She also told me what to expect where there is two possible scenarios; 1) The machine retained the cash after I did not take it and within a few days, the amount will be refunded back into my account OR 2) The money was stolen, anyone passing by who saw could have just pulled it out.

I will be able to know within 11 working days the result of the investigation.

I’m not putting my hopes high. And I’m telling myself that whoever happened to have taken the cash really needed it and it possibly helped him or her get through a difficult time. (I know two hundred bucks isn’t a lot for a lot of you but then again, it’s two. hundred. bucks. It’s a lot for a freshie like me, okay? I could have paid my Maxis bill, lol!)

So yea, a painful and burning life lesson for me.

I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life alright, but the ones that makes me feel superbly disappointed with myself, I think it ought to be taken down in the history of my life.

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any thicker, I just surprised myself. And I need to survive for another three weeks until I get my next pay check.

Great, Mich. Life’s great.




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