Sponsored post #2: Dresses to the rescue!


It’s approaching the end of my fourth week in my first new job in an all new environment. It’s crazy how time speeds past without any mercy and to be honest, the transition from a student to a working adult is not all fun and joy. It is also when I finally realize how rude it is to ask someone fresh out of university what plans they have or what are they planning to do next. Honestly, having been through (and still sort of going through) that phase, it is the most abominated question to be asked alive.

Whether or not I have a plan, it really doesn’t concern you. If I do, you will know, eventually. But if I don’t, it really is none of your business.

Anyway, one thing I love and hate at the same time about my new job is the fact that we don’t have a dress code. It’s borderline liberating not having to dress up formally and go to work every day. You get to choose what to wear, but of course, nothing too over!

I actually do enjoy coordinating my daily outfit (I’m working on it, okay!) because it could be so much fun!

Then again, it sort of sucks when you’re running out of time! Which is why I think basic dresses are a must in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s what I do whenever I’m running late or feeling lazy.

It’s not just for work, dresses do come into rescue in a lot of different occasions! Heh.

I like this printed floral dress because its cute enough on its own and I don’t have to worry about extra accessories! I’ve never worn this to work before yet. But this is great for a day out. Nothing too fancy.


I was actually very skeptical with  striped outfits. I have a feeling it makes one look fat. But voila! When I tried it on in the fitting room, I knew I had to get it! It’s a piece that I could just pull it over my head and head straight to work, even for meetings! I realize most of my dresses are sleeveless dress, but this one is half sleeve? Lol, sorry. Bad fashion vocabulary, but you know what I’m trying to say. Anyhow, this is my best friend when.. you know? Not the best day for sleeveless? HAHA! Opps.


Yes. I love body con dresses.  It’s something about the way the dress wraps around your body perfectly that give you the instant boost of confidence! Lol. This is actually my favorite dress among all my dresses because red is my favorite color and it makes me feel sexy. Heh. It’s good enough on it’s own at the same time allows plenty of creativity space for me to mix and match!

My wardrobe is full of dresses. Basic dresses goes a long way because you can either just put it on and head out of you could mix and match with accessories and get creative!

Me being me, I usually take a very long time to get out of bed and get ready. So if I’m really running late, basic dresses are my saviour.

Whenever I go shopping for new clothes, I have super high tendency to shop for dresses. Especially when I’m lurking around in Zalora, I end up spending hours and hours scrolling through their huge collection of basic dresses. And it usually means I need to exert self control. *sulks*


Tomorrow is Friday, as a working YOUNG adult, TGIF!

Well, have a good weekend you people! (While I stay home, away from the crowd. *anti-social*)




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