Lucky day.

What happened today was as if to remind me to always count my blessings. Let’s shed some positivity to my otherwise negative life. I have friends complaining my Instagram is so gloomy as if I’ve been through a thousand break ups.

Here’s what happened.

I came home last weekend to celebrate my father’s birthday and I planned to stay back in my college for this and the coming weekend. There was suppose to be an election at Taylor’s University tomorrow, but probably the physic of this universe worked it’s magic; it got cancelled. Until yesterday, I thought I’d stay back anyways to support my course mate’s event and work on my Final Year Project.

And then I got the news that my mom’s aunt passed away. But thought I wouldn’t be able to make it because my mom was suppose to attend the funeral yesterday night. It so happened that she did not.

But the thought of going home still did not occur to me until while I was having brunch with my room mate at 12:00pm.

Here’s some background information. If I want to go home by the public transport, I’ll have to take a bus from my residential college area to campus. From campus, I’ll have to take the shuttle bus to the KTM station which comes every one hour. And I have to reach Kajang KTM station latest by 2:30pm or else no one would be able to pick me up from the station.

KTM shuttle bus do not enter residential college area unless it is weekends or public holidays. It’s Friday, which means the last bus from residential college area to campus is 12:30pm and last bus from campus to KTM station is 12:45pm. Bus operation only resumes around 2:00pm to 2:30 pm, after Friday prayer hours.

In such case, my biggest hope is that I could catch the last bus to campus area and grab a cab to KTM station.

By the time we were done with lunch and got back to our room, it was 12:15pm. I called my mom and told her I’d be going home and started packing, it was 12:18pm. I literally dumped everything into a plastic bag, packed my laptop and sprinted to the bus stop.

It was 12:22pm, it usually takes 5 minutes from my block to the bus station. 12:26pm when I reach the bus station and I was about to head for the waiting bus. But a bus with the indicator flashing the three alphabets; KTM stopped right in front of me. I was beyond thrilled and even confirmed it with the driver before I board it.

I asked the driver why did the shuttle bus to the KTM station enter our residential college area on a Friday. The driver told me his assigned route for the day was my residential college area but he received a call  from the control centre to change his route to the KTM station, which was probably a couple of minutes right before I reach the KTM station.

It was 12:56pm and there was only one counter opened with a very long queue, but before I got into line and begin queuing, another counter opened and I became to 3rd in line. My ticket was RM1.10. I gave the operator RM2.00 and he asked me if I had 10 cents. I said I have and started fumbling around but just couldn’t find any when I need it. The operator passed me my ticket and a one ringgit bill, telling me it was okay.

I looked at him gratefully, grab my stuff and got passed the ticket machine. The train arrived once I stepped onto the platform. It was 12:58pm.

A journey that usually takes about 1 hour to reach Kajang from my university took about 30 minutes.

I guess I was meant to come home after all this weekend. A secret force making everything smooth for me.


And then coming home to this surprise token of appreciation from that  one book sale that could drive me insane. I knew there would be something arriving from the team but never thought it would include a preview pass.

I actually wanted to resist going this year, but oh well.

All in all, I feel so lucky today. And all these made it possible for me to pay my last respect to my mom’s aunt.

At this current age of mine, I realise, our elderlies are growing as we are growing and changing too. Though it felt as if we’ve changed a lot but they have always been the same, fact is, they’re growing older too. And suddenly they all seem so fragile to me.

I wish my biggest fear could give me more time.




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