Sponsored post #1: Time for some New Look!



You know how girls have this instinct that enables them to be more sensitive than guys? It’s called the sixth sense, yes? And recently, my sixth sense has been nagging at me that I am in dire need of a tote bag for casual use because believe it or not I found out that I have no proper bag that I could simply grab and head out. A versatile yet easy-matching bag. Gah!

I just know that I want a tote bag but when I go out there, you have like a bagazillion types of designs out there and me being me, it’s hard to decide. Especially when you are demanding for good-looking ones that comes with an acceptable price. Well, those two rarely comes together. Especially bags! So I did what I do best. 😀

Surveyed in Zalora to get an idea! And then poof! Came across with this newly added brand from the already diverse varieties of brands this online shopping paradise offers. (Zalora still left a pretty strong impression on me about people screaming on their door step! 🙄 )

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.57.55 PM

Yes, it’s New Look!

It’s a wave of British fashion invasion peeps! New Look is a famous global fashion retailer from the United Kingdom. Proudly washed over the fashion market  with several stores in our neighbouring countries; Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Even UAE! And it’s finally available online in Zalora Malaysia! :shocked: It’s growing even more rapidly than your eyes blinking, no joke, producing a great collection waiting to be devoured by your wardrobe.

And they have bags!! 😀

Pin Stud Winged Tote Bag

I think this bag is big enough to fit my laptop into it and it’s versatile enough for my everyday use for classes. The just-grab-and-go-out type of bag! 😉 Should I get it? Should I, should I?

While I was at it, I spotted this dress, damn.

Polka Dot Mesh Skater Dress

It’s simple yet elegant, pulls off for formal occasion pretty easily with a blazer on. Maybe something like this?

Tipped collarless blazer

And then maybe pair it with a pair of nice wedges!

Peeptoe Contrast Aztec Print Wedges

Damn. That perfect formal look for presentations. 😀 Though it’s black and white, but both colours wouldn’t go wrong when it comes to formal occasions. Now when is my next presentation? 😆

Now I can’t decide if I should get the bag or the dress. Or the blazer. Maybe the wedges?

Anyways, it’s great that Zalora brought in New Look because honestly, after finding out about this brand, I did some research and they do have a  wide and expansive collection of food for your wardrobe. So in case I need to revamp my wardrobe and get a NEW LOOK … I know where to head now!

Honestly can’t wait for Zalora to add in more collections from this new brand!

They do have contemporary designs that are up-to-date from handbags, clutches, dresses, skirts, well, you name it. Good news is it’s now available simply with a click of your fingers at Zalora that comes hand in hand with an affordable price tag. To top that off, Zalora generously and constantly have discounts all year long. (You don’t have to wait for Year End Sale! 😆 )

Isn’t it a bliss when you can get all you need and all you want by just clicking and pointing? No crowds, no long queues, no hassles! Ahh, technologies! Won’t be complete without Zalora though 😛

Can’t wait to get my New Look with Zalora! What are you staring at? Start clicking away and check out what New Look you can get.

Signing off,



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