As the wind blows. Photo credit: Jeweanne

As the wind blows.
Photo credit: Jeweanne


A memory wrapped around with all things that happens in your life.

Studies, friends, new people and, well, life.

Yes, life. Getting caught in the hectic current of your life, enveloped by the people that comes into your life and also the people that leaves your life. Overwhelmed with how much you have actually changed. How different you are. And then, it is one of those times when you just come to a halt in the midst of all that is going on, taking a moment off your here and now, just to travel down that hidden road that has been buried with things you gathered as you move on, in sync with time.

It is not like Alice in the Wonderland, but something like staying a few steps behind the crowd and sneak off to wander down that alley that no one pays attention to. But as you walk down the alley, a sense of familiarity washes down on you and you find yourself smiling. Smiling to yourself because this alley is so familiar to you and only you. Because away from the noisy crowd that you have worked it out as part of your life, you could have some time away just on your own. And it doesn’t matter that no one is there at the end of the alley, because it’s just you and yourself ambling down the quiet distance before going back to the crowd that carries you away.



It never fail to amaze me how fast time passes by.

And how fast something once seemed so significant have grown to become some distant memory that serves merely as just a memory of a long lost friend perhaps?

Merry Christmas, to you and to people I love and care.




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