I draw, or so they said.

Burst of a thousand tinkles.

Burst of a thousand tinkle

Photography is drawing with light, or so they said.

Never been an artistic person my entire life. I hated art class and rarely to almost never gotten an A for Arts my entire life of primary and secondary education. Okay, maybe not that bad, must have gotten an A before somewhere in between, but yeah.

I could look at amazing drawings, because a lot of my friends are artistic and it won’t be exaggerating if I am to say they are naturally born artists, but definitely not drawing one myself. I just don’t have that sort of intuitive jive that flows through the sketch pen.

Taking photo is an entirely different story.

To pinpoint the exact point in my life as to when the interest in photography sparks in me would be; That moment Samjosh David started babbling on and on about how amazing those photos in his photography magazine looked and how adjusting its aperture and shutter speed could do just that, well, with the right camera and lens of course.

Those terms were strangers to my ears, not to mention my brain. And then he showed me photos he took in his compact camera. Macro shoots. And I just couldn’t turn that part of my brain off for the longest time. The precise sharpness of the focused subject and the blurred distant background.

Long, not soon, after that, I somehow got into a photography ecstasy, dying to buy a camera for myself. It lasted really, really long. It was a point in my life where I simply would not go a day without hovering between Canon and Nikon’s official site. Yes, I’m crazy like that and I was sort of lifeless during Form 6. I even tried working at Old Town as a part timer to save enough money, but who was I kidding.

Ballerina in a glass.

Ballerina in a glass.

Photography is an expensive art, or so they said.

Before I finally bought my DSLR, my mom finally surrendered to my nagging and longing or whatnot, that she finally gave me her very old and antique film SLR. It wasn’t in it’s best condition but nevertheless, I popped in the film and started shooting away 😀 The end product was fun. Though, unconvincing it may sound, I lost the soft copies of them(developed them and had them saved in soft copies) and never got bothered enough to send them to be developed again.

I never pop in another roll of film again. It was expensive to develop the films, really. And I don’t have the perfect place to store them, so if I were to pop in a roll of film, I’ll have to finish it shortly. But shooting with film is much more exciting with digital camera if you ask me.

Because, unlike digital cameras where you immediately get a preview of what you have just frozen with that one shutter release of your camera, but for film, obviously, you basically don’t really know what have you caught with your lens until you collect them from the developing shop. And more often than not, it comes with surprises. Candid surprises.

After buying my DSLR, it was the most frustrating period ever. When you put your theory into practice and just have to endure times and times of confusion and frustration until you reach that; what you see is what you get result. It felt restless. But exhilarating when once in a while you get shots that makes you go, WOW.

Why taking photos become mesmerizing to me is; shutter release is so much more efficient than the human eyes to catch astounding images.

And it’s stealing from time, something that is more valuable than money.



A photo worth a thousand words, or so they said.

How snapping away an awesome shot can be a split second thing and the end product could be interpreted into over a thousand words and feelings always amaze me. It’s like a parallel universe existing in the same dimension.

Today, my works in Basic Photography class was being exhibited for faculty day. It’s not an actual exhibition, more to a showcase of what we were doing during hours of labs(I cheated, sort of.). But still, it is an exhibition nonetheless. And it occurred to me, I don’t really have the slightest intention of being a photographer. I photograph for pure self-satisfaction and a good shot is something that makes me feel good and satisfied. So to be honest, working on the assignment for Basic Photography, especially studio portrait is a torture to me.

No, not the model of course, but just me plainly disliking studio portraits. It felt so synthetic.

Which explains why I like doing still life rather than portraits.

And so; I don’t do creative, I do intuitive.

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