The story about us.

Photo credit: Chi Yao, Saw

Spent almost two hours hovering on this page don’t know what to come up with. I guess if I’ve ever been serious about becoming a journalist or even editor, I have died a thousand death.

A couple of days ago, Annual General Meeting of AIESEC in UPM finally happened. Management Team of term 1213 was officially discharged and term 1314 was officially nominated.

This might not be the first formal meeting I’ve attended in AIESEC. But it was a heart warming and motivating one. I could really get used to always laughing around with them. Feeling the tension radiating off myself whenever there are issues awaiting to be resolved. Feeling the worry like a worm in your womb wiggling around when there are obstacles to be faced. And that rush of adrenaline when you know you could be of help. That euphoric ecstasy when something is achieved.

These people, they always make me feel better.

I am glad I stick around. Or else I would have missed all these. People think we’re brainwashed. Maybe because they don’t know how it is to be in a team. And it’s totally our fault that we didn’t make them see what pins us to this organisation called AIESEC. Because honestly, you have to experience it yourself, no?

To know if something’s worth it, you have to stick around. Stick around long enough and you’ll find out.




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