Silly wound.

I remember when I was younger, I used to hurt myself pretty easily. I’ve got bruises here and there and if you ignore them, they simply disappear.

And then, there was this once where it was a bad fall. It must have been a really bad fall and I wounded myself in the process. My younger self was terrified and happily accepted the first plaster offered thinking it will solve everything, a good cover for that bloody wound too. And for some unfathomable reasons (perhaps in fear of getting scolded for running around), I kept it from my mom. When you were a kid, getting scolded by your mom eventually overrule the possibility that your wound will get infected and you’d probably develop some fatal reaction from it whatsoever. And of course, the shame of falling down.

Well, getting back at the plaster, yes, I thought it would have magically healed the wound but no, in a few washes, the bandage wears off and sadly, you have to tear it off revealing the freshly inflamed wound. Simply because the plaster wrapped itself too tightly around the wound, no space nor time for the wound to even start healing. But because the plaster covered that ugly wound, for the shortest of time, I forgot the pain and even perhaps the existence of that fresh wound.

But then again, you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And definitely doesn’t mean you never fell. So when I realize how the wound itself is wearing off the bandage, I had to peel it off.

It’s when you realize, not all wounds or bruises are going to heal if you cover it up or ignore it. It probably takes your mind off it temporarily, the pain is still lying resilient in the depth of the wound. Covering it with some bandages just won’t heal, stop the bleeding maybe, but if you leave it there too long, it’s only making your wound worse. So I peeled it off, get the wound cleaned and let nature takes its course.

But when I say let nature takes its course, it doesn’t simply mean ignore your wound and let it heal itself. Because the next thing you know, flies or whatnot are probably going to drop by and have fun infecting your wound. Nature WILL take its course and your wound will of course heal, but with one condition, you’ve got to keep it clean.

Funny how the need to get away from the pain a wound causes overrules the importance of healing a wound all the time. How pathetically fragile our souls are when it comes to enduring pain. How readily we are in succumbing to the numbness rather than fighting the pain face on. Because our minds are somehow programmed into thinking that enduring pain is unnecessary.

And wouldn’t you want to know if you’re taking drugs just to get rid of the pain life is giving you OR really just for the sense of pure pleasure? If I were the drugs you’re taking, I’d like to know what your addiction to me means; am I just a shield from your pain or am I simply in your system because you enjoy the presence of me.

And there is only one way to find out.




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