21 Perceptions: #1 Just a kiss

What a topic to start off my 21 posts on perceptions right? But I think starting off with something light would be way better than me starting off with religious views, politic views, sex talk, etc. Well, maybe sex talk would be a better start off, but no. We are kiss-ing. 😳 To put this more specifically, we are talking about lips-locking kind of kiss, just so you know. So..

What does a kiss means to you?


For some unfathomable reason, the culture has it this way that western people portray this impression that to them a kiss is just a kiss, no big deal. Like you could simply just grab a stranger from the street and start smooching them all over. Maybe the reason ain’t that unfathomable. Because if you come to think of it, it’s probably because kisses on English screens are way more intense and well, affectionate?

There’s a difference between common and nothing.

Here is the difference; It is nothing to give a peck on the face to people you’ve just met. And then, it is common to kiss someone you like just about anywhere and any time, BUT.. it is definitely not nothing. Well, unless it’s pure lust. Then again there is still lust, so it’s still something. 🙄

And my thoughts on this whole kiss thing is that(don’t judge), why would you kiss someone if you don’t like them? Because it feels good? If you are kissing someone just for the sake of feeling good, what does that person mean to you? I remember there was once this blogger who went around collecting 100 passionate kiss from people around the world. I’m not judging, but somehow it is obvious that everyone’s perception towards sharing a kiss is different.

Some people think it’s simply just a kiss between two lips involving some tongue, no big deal. Some people overreact. Some people experiment around. Some people couldn’t even bother. Some people are crazy about it.

As for me, I guess you just have to make sure that it is shared between two people who feels the same way about each other. Because.. it’s only fair that way isn’t it?




Penny for your thoughts?

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