GiraffesAbout 5 months ago, a group of youths whom I can say were lost and doubtful as to why are they giving away a week of holidays to attend a conference. They all agreed that giraffes symbolizes the spirit;

We look further, we reach higher.

Before the conference ended, we made a promise to each other; that the next time we meet, we would be different. Be it taking up leadership roles or be it doing something that we have always wanted to do.

Five months later, we met again, six of us from the same group, at National Convention.

It did not felt like it was just yesterday. It felt like it was ages ago that we were in the same group, enjoying the conference, being awesome and being crazy. I guess it says a lot about what we have been through in that 5 months. How much our perceptions have possibly changed. How we are now in the top board providing support rather than relying on support.

I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words. But I just don’t know how. 

Maybe if we put it this way; I learn that I have to be very independent and work mostly on my on. And at times it is normal to feel left out or isolated. But I also learn that it is important to keep going. It still doesn’t summarizes how I feel. Perhaps at this time of the day, I don’t even really know how I feel. My brain tells me to sleep. But my guts tells me to not sleep.

I’m lost.

Anyway, Angelina, if you are reading this, thank you so much for what you said to me and the sugar hug. It meant so much to me, really. 🙂 Go TM manager!




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