Life happens.

Wave“What happened? Are you okay?”

“Life happened. I will be okay, one day.”

Sometimes, people take your feelings for granted. They tend to think that if you are capable to inflict hurt, then you are capable to endure and deserve the same. At some point, it is the truth that the universe beholds, but how far does this rule serve?

It seems like, once you’ve missed a chance, it takes more than just an apology to get things back on the original track.

Maybe it’s what life is; one life, one chance. Or maybe it simply means that it is just not worth your time to get it back on track, you deserve better.

But one thing for sure is that you can never say I never try enough. Because the door was slammed in my face not once or thrice, but again and again. And I just figured, I’m sick of these.

I never care enough because you don’t appreciate enough.




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