Everything happens for a reason.


One year has gone by so fast. Well, one year being a student in university of course. I was about to come up with a self-reflection-year-end-summary. Confusion much, yes.

It still is a moment I want to stand and look back to see what have I gained throughout this one year of being a busy tertiary education student.

Things always happen. Good ones, bad ones. Happy ones, sad ones. Awesome ones, shitty ones. But eventually it happens for a reason. Every single thing happens for a reason.

Sitting here as an observer for course mates’ interview, I somehow feel lost. Haha, not that I don’t know what they are talking about. But I don’t know why am I present. But somehow sitting here being the observer, not having to contribute anything but typing this out, it transported me back to a point in my AIESEC journey when I was being drilled by my panellist. Or maybe that moment after everything was over.

The feeling of incompetent. Those questions popping out in your mind like; “Wait a minute, am I really capable in doing this?” “Why did I even got myself into this?” “I’m just so dead.” “What just happened?”

But god forbids, here I am.

Let’s see what is the reason behind this.




Penny for your thoughts?

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