Choices. Decisions.

The whole nation is so heated with the upcoming 13th General Election. Stories, propagandas and rumours are flooding Facebook timelines and news feeds. Youths, regardless of their eligibility to cast votes or not jump on the bandwagon like it’s one of the trends they are compelled to follow. It is not how dirty politics can go that opens my eyes but rather how far some people will go in order to get that one vote from the hands of the rakyats.

It is easily understood that why is everyone in the hype of  this whole Election. Because everyone finally decide that they want something new and fresh. To give something new a try. It’s kind of sick that I am somehow muted by age, because honestly, I think I am smart enough too pick my own government as well. Much smarter than most people who just blindly follow the trend, like seriously.

It all comes down to making decisions. Where according to legends and myths; Your decision defines who you are. Coincidentally, if this theory is applicable to this country’s political situation over all those years, well.. does it, or does it not said something?

If there are rare cases where your decisions does not define who you are, then I’m probably one of the rare cases. I made decisions that I often regret or start doubting soon after. More often than not, I have this sudden urge of pulling myself, running away rather than facing it because believe it or not, one can be so overwhelmed by one’s own decision that it is almost suffocating.

It sure make me sounds pretty much like a coward, no? But that’s hardly the case. I wonder what kind of impression I tend to give people that sometimes, I mean really, just sometimes.. they expect me to be some kind of a bomb that I will explode one day and shine. What I’m trying to say is that, the way I carry myself sets a very high benchmark for my capabilities. A decision, however, is still a decision. It’s not that I had no choice. But, this is my choice.


It must be ironic where; this is a platform to make mistakes and to learn from it. Then again, it allows no mistake because it doesn’t only affect you but the overall performance of your whole team.

I guess, I really did not give what I’m asking for much thought and just went head on with it. That is reckless, and stupid. That is me.asking for

At times, I feel like I understand a whole lot more than what people around me do.

But at times, I feel so small. So tiny that I’m easily overwhelmed by the rushing current of events in my life and I’d drown any given time.

No matter how many choices you have, one decision kills everything else.




Penny for your thoughts?

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