It was just an effort to keep the conversation going, to seem friendly and welcoming. To ensure that no hard feelings and no feeling of being left out, but who knew you’d  see so much in just a conversation aimed to know more about someone you just met. Sourced online I knew women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to drive. I thought they were not allowed to drive. Well, apparently, they are still not allowed to drive. I don’t know if the terms I’m using is appropriate, correct me if it’s not. When it is said that women are not allowed to drive, it means that they are forbidden to drive. I came across with this piece of information when I was researching on a topic about female oppression for my assignment. I thought it has been resolved or at least the issue is being worked on but today, I was told that no, women in Saudi Arabia are never behind the wheels. The world sees it as female oppression, but from the locals’ perspective, this measure is taken to keep their women safe. A different perspective gives you a different way in seeing things in life and it often changes the way you view the world or maybe yourself.

Instagram: xmichellengx

I suppose this is how the mechanism of learning works. You take that one step in doing something you never dream of doing or you have never done before; you learn from it and you know a bit more about yourself. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter what will be of the end product as long as there is something you’ve gained that can be kept with you. It never occurs to me that it is a necessity to share the same perspective with someone else, something I learn from photography. Not every photographer sees the same thing from the same viewfinder.

Maybe I was more about pleasing people and also my ego but I can always survive having a different wavelength despite it makes me seem like a weird person.

But well, a different perspective leads to a different perception. You can judge anyone base on whatever they do, but does that means you know any better?

A piece of thought, twirl it a little in an opposite direction, what do you see?




Penny for your thoughts?

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